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30 day of movies: day 2

Day 02- The most underrated movie 

The King of Comedy (1982)

It probably gets forgotten about because it came out a little after "Raging Bull" and it has many of the same themes as "Taxi Driver". To me, this is one of De Niro's most interesting roles. Rupert (his character) is delusional, awkward and I spend most of the film feeling embarrassed for him. I think that's what I like so much. The strongest emotion I felt while watching was embarrassment, because I just want Rupert to stop. Anything that can get me to feel something so strongly is going to be one of my favorites. 
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taxi driver

30 days of movies meme

Day 01- The best movie you saw during the last year 

Up (2009)

Pixar somehow manages to release a film every year or so that has impressive special effects, and interesting stories while being a family film. It seems like accomplishing all three while appealing to almost everyone would be difficult, but somehow they've managed to do it for over ten years. "Up" was a 3D film, but honestly I don't think the 3D added anything to the film. I don't even remember anything being in 3D, but I definitely had those glasses on. Luckily, the most impressive aspect of the film was just really great story telling. The beginning montage of Carl's life with his wife was one of the best pieces I saw in a film last year. I really love when there are sequences in films that can stand alone as their own film. 

thank you eaglefan2011 for the meme :)

OT: i had a dream last night I went to the doctor and he told me i was allergic to chocolate ice cream. nightmare